Welcome to Uthrill! Uthrill is a subscription service which provides its members with access to TV series, Movies, and Animation, which are always streamed over the Internet to Internet- connected Television sets, computers, and other devices. Our service also provides reviews, recommendations and other types of information concerning the TV shows and movies. The Privacy statement will explain our services concerning the use, collection, and disclosure of various types of information including personal information by the Uthrill.

How can I contact you?

In case you have any questions concerning your Uthrill account, you can always visit our online help center. You will be provided with adequate information on how you will be able to contact our Customer support service in case you are in need of any assistance. In case, you have questions concerning us using your personal information or cookies you can always contact us via email.

1. Do you have various categories in your membership and how can I become a member?
You must have Internet access to use the Uthrill service There are three types of Membership Silver, Bronze, and Diamond. Each of these categories usually come with its goodies and has different registration fees.

a) Silver
You will be required to pay a total of $4.99. You will be awarded a three-day free trial and access to unlimited movies.

b) Bronze
You will be required to pay a total of $14.99 as registration fee to successfully sign up for this category. In this category, you will have unlimited access to movies both unreleased and new.

c) Diamond
You will need to part with a total of $35.99 as registration fee to be able to sign up for the diamond category. You will have unlimited access to movies both new and unreleased.

2. How is your billing process and what methods are accepted?
You will always be billed on a monthly basis to the payment method you selected. This will always be done on the calendar day which corresponds to the commencement date of your paid membership.

2.1 Payment Methods
You are free to change your payment method anytime you are interested. In case the payment is not successful maybe due to insufficient funds, expiration or otherwise yet you have not changed the payment method or canceled your account, you might be suspended from using the uthrill service until we have received a valid payment method.

2.2 Cancellation
You are always free to cancel your uthrill membership at any time you are interested in though you will still continue to access the uthrill service through until the end of your monthly billing period. However, we never provide any refunds or credits for any unwatched TV shows or movies or partial month membership years.

3. Do you need any information from your members?
We always receive and store information about you such as: Information you provide us with:
We usually collect the information you give us which includes postal code or address, payment method, telephone number, email address and your name.

Automatically collected information
We will also gather information concerning you, your interactions with us, information regarding your computer and your use of our services. The information includes:
The details concerning your interactions with our customer service such as time, date, the reason for reaching us, your phone number in case you call us and the transcripts of or from any chat conversations.
Your activity on the uthrill service such as watch history searches queries and title selections
The information collected via the use of the web beacons, cookies and other types of technologies.

3.1 Disclosure of Information
We will disclose you information for only certain purposes and to only third parties as indicated below: The uthrill Family of Companies: We will share your information among the uthrill family groups as needed for storage, data processing, providing customer support, content development, making decisions concerning.

i. Access to Your Uthrill Account and Profiles
As we seek to provide you with ease of access to your Uthrill account and in helping administer the Uthrill service, we have implemented a technology which will enable us to you as the Uthrill account holder and after that provide you with direct access to your account without you having to retype any password. In case you are no longer interested in receiving certain communications from us via SMS or email; you can simply access the text messages and email settings.

ii. Security
At Uthrill, we strongly believe that we always use reasonable physical, administrative, logical and managerial measures in order to secure your personal or confidential information from unauthorized access, loss, and theft. However, there is no measure which can guarantee to provide 100% security.

iii. Other Websites, Applications, and Platforms
The Uthrill service can be provided through different platforms or links to the sites which are operated by third parties which might have different handling information from what we have. The platforms and websites have to vary and independent data policies and privacy, terms of use and notices, privacy statements which would be great if you can carefully read.

4. Are children allowed to subscribe?

To subscribe to the Uthrill service you have to be 18 years or older. However, in certain situations, the majority might be older than 18 years. In such a case you need to satisfy that age for one to become a member. Individuals who can utilize the service and are still below 18 years may be able to do so only with the approval, involvement and supervision of either the parent or guardian.

5. Is your privacy statement permanent or does it change from time to time?
This privacy statement will always be updated from time to time whenever there is a change in regulatory, legal or operational requirements. Uthrill will always provide notice in case there are changes and when they will be taking effect which will be by the law. Continuing using the Uthrill service after the updates have been affected will constitute anagreement to those changes. If you are not convinced with the latest updates on the privacy statement, you can always cancel your Uthrill service use.

6. How do you handle internet advertising and cookies?
There are lots of reasons why we use cookies and other technologies at Uthrill and our service providers. For example, we will always use the cookies and other technologies to ensure our clients can access our services with much ease. Since we are interested in informing you about the utilization of these techniques, we have explained the various types of technologies we regularly use and what they do and your choices concerning their use.

6.1 Definition of Cookies
Cookies refer to small data files which are usually kept on your gadgets whenever you browse and use online services. Cookies are popularly used in making websites work. However, the cookies are not the only type of technology which enables these functionalities to work. There are other similar types of technologies which we can also use. In case you are interested in more information about cookies, you can always go to our website as well as other online tracking websites (This is inclusive of acollection of information by the third parties concerning your online activities over a period and across various third party websites.).

Why Uthrill use cookies?
We together with our different service providers might use the types of cookies listed below:

• Advertising Cookies
The advertising cookies will use information concerning your visit to this and other websites such as the pages you visit and use your response to emails and ads to deliver ads which are more relevant to you. Such ads are known to as Internet Based Advertising.

• Essential cookies
The necessary cookies are important in providing our online or website service. For example, we or the service providers we are working together with might decide to use the essential cookies in identifying and authenticating our services to them. These cookies also help us in enforcing our privacy policy, preventing fraud and maintaining the security of our service.

• Functionality and Performance cookies
The functionality and performance cookies are not essential. However, they are known to help us in personalizing and enhancing our online experience with Uthrill.

7. Is your privacy policy tied to the any governing law?
The privacy policy shall always be governed and construed by the law.

8. Do you work with any third party applications?
There are times when you might encounter third party applications which interact with the Uthrill service. Using these applications might be subject to third party terms or license terms.

9. How is your customer support services?
You can always visit the Uthrill help center to find more information concerning our great service and its features or in case you are in need of assistance with your account. In certain situations, customer service may best be able to assist you by ensuring you use a remote access support tool where you can have full access toy your machine. Never consent to support through the remote tool if you are not interested in us having this access. If there is any type conflict between the privacy policy terms and information which have been provided by the customer support or other website portions, the privacy policies will always control.

10. Do you accept unsolicited materials?
Uthrill does not accept unsolicited ideas or materials for TV shows or movies and is never responsible for any similarity of any of its programming or content in any media or ideas which have been transmitted to Netflix.

11. What will happen in the event that the privacy policy shall be termed not valid or illegal?
In case any of the said provisions of the privacy policy shall be termed not valid or illegal, the legality and validity of the remaining provisions will remain in full effect.

12. In which form do you send your messages to your clients?
Uthrill will always send you information which relates to your account in electronic form.

13. How often is this privacy policy changed?
From time to time Uthrill might change these privacy policies. However, we will always notify our members at least 30 days before the new privacy policies apply. If need be, we might transfer or assign our agreement with you including our obligations and associated rights any time provided you agree to abide with us.

14. Any limitations and warranties on liability issues that one needs to know?
The Uthrill service is usually provided “as is” without any warranty. To be precise, our service might be error free or uninterrupted. You can always waive all the consequential and special damages against us and any other direct damages which exceed one month’s membership fee. The said policies will never limit any consumer protection rights or non-waivable warranties which you might be entitled to under the country’s laws.